Inhumane dog population management

For stray and roaming dogs – many born on the streets, others abandoned pets- there are two main areas of welfare concern:

  • The suffering of the dogs on the street: lack of food, shelter and veterinary care; injuries and disease; and abusive treatment from people;

  • The cruelty involved in attempts to control the population: All too often, governments resort to inhumane and ineffective strategies to deal with this overpopulation– including poisoning, electrocution and shooting.

Fear of rabies is a major driving force causing millions of unnecessary dog deaths every year. Where rabies is endemic, so is cruelty to dogs. During a cull, methods used to kill dogs include poisoning, gassing, electrocution, beating and shooting. All often result in slow and agonising deaths.

Humane alternatives to dog culling don’t only exist – they’re the most effective way to manage dog populations.

The Asia for Animals Coalition has extensive experience in providing guidance to create programs that focus on sterilisation and vaccination against zoonotic disease, and the promotion of responsible pet ownership so as to humanely address the overpopulation of street dogs and prevent pet abandonment.

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