Red Panda Day – September 21st
Amazing Animals; Bamboo, bamboo, and more bamboo Red pandas live in the mountains of Nepal, northern Myanmar, and central China. Read more.
International Primate Day – September 1st
Amazing animals: Primates show signs of grieving There are over 500 different species of primates, ranging from the great apes Read more.
International Whale Shark Day – 30th August
Amazing animals: Whale sharks; the mysterious giants in the ocean The whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, Read more.
World Lion Day – August 10th
Amazing animals: Lions are excellent mothers, and they all enjoy affectionate interactions Lions are truly majestic animals. At the top Read more.
Our response to your comments about stray dog culling in Myanmar
AfA addresses the commonly asked questions surrounding this difficult issue. Many of you read our recent social media posts about Read more.
Positive response received re: circus animals in Vietnam
AfA receives response from Vietnamese officials which could lead to freedom for imprisoned animals Recently we brought you news that Read more.
AfA urges other Indonesian provinces to follow example of dog meat ban
Small regency of Karanganyar in Java commits to dog meat ban due to hard work of DMFI. We ask the Read more.
World Snake Day – July 16th
Amazing animals: Snakes can be great mothers There are over 3,000 known species of snakes, and they are found in Read more.
World Chimpanzee Day – 14th July
Amazing animals: Chimpanzees are more like us than we realise Chimpanzees and humans share many characteristics. Firstly, we humans share Read more.
AfA urges food giant Subway to ditch cage eggs in Asia
Our coalition comes together to ask Subway to put a date on their commitment to stop using cage hens in Read more.
AfA opposes brutal pig slaughter methods in Thailand & Cambodia
Our coalition raises two letters to officials in Thailand & Cambodia opposing what appear to be commonplace bludgeoning slaughter methods Read more.
World Meat Free Week 17th to 24th June
Opinion piece; Animals lives are in our hands, we have the power to end their suffering Estimates suggest that between Read more.
AfA opposes elephant cruelty at Phuket Zoo
Coalition joins forces to stand against shocking negligence Today our coalition members, along with our network of global supporting organisations, Read more.
International Live Animal Transport Awareness Day – 14th June
Opinion piece; International Live Animal Transport Awareness Day Each year, millions of live farm animals around the world are transported Read more.
World Ocean Day – 8th June – Opinion Piece
Whales and dolphins belong in their ocean homes – AfA gives you the low down on the reality of the Read more.
World Environment Day – June 5th – Opinion piece
To save the planet, we need to change the way we eat – Dave Neale, Animal Welfare Director of our Read more.
AfA opposes animal circus performance in Vietnam
Coalition unites to send two letters to oppose shocking cruelty at facilities managed by Long Phu Corporation It has come Read more.
Rabbit Awareness Week – Begins 1st June
Amazing Animals; Rabbits love to have fun Rabbits are cute, fluffy, and very cuddly, and millions of people share their Read more.
World Otter Day – May 29th
World Otter Day – May 29th Amazing Animals; Sea otters are expert tool users Otters are found on every continent Read more.
World Turtle Day May 23rd
Amazing Animals; Female giant river turtles “talk” to their hatchlings and make good mums Turtles are truly prehistoric animals, they Read more.
Donkey Week 7th to 14th May
Amazing Animals; Donkeys are smart not stubborn Donkeys have been used and often abused as a working animal for over Read more.
Mother’s Day USA – Amazing Animal Mothers
Amazing Animals – A selection of our fave facts about animal mums! Amazing Animals; Cows are excellent mothers Cows are Read more.
AfA opposes squalid conditions of travelling Zoo in Japan
Coalition unites to implore officials to revoke Zoo license of cruel owner Mr. Horii Yoshinori Horii, the Director and Owner Read more.
May is Respect for Chickens Month
Amazing Animals; Hens are excellent communicators The domesticated chicken is a descendant of the Red Junglefowl of Southeast Asia. Red Read more.
Save the Rhino Day – 1st May
Amazing Animals; Rhino’s wallow in mud, smell each other’s poo and ‘hang out’ with feathery friends Rhinos are the second Read more.
International Macaque Week – 5th to 11th May
Macaques are the most widely distributed primates on earth other than humans, ranging from Japan to the Indian subcontinent, North Africa and Southern Europe.  Read more.
Save the Frogs Day – 27th April
Amazing Animals; Frogs are a key indicator of the health of our environment Frogs and toads are the most diverse Read more.
World Lab Animal Day – Opinion Piece
Dave Neale, Animal Welfare Director at Animals Asia, gives us his take on the reality of modern animal testing Opinion Read more.
International Bat Appreciation Day 17th April
Amazing Animals; Bats recognise each other and stay close to their friends There are more than 1,300 bat species globally, Read more.
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