AfA opposes unsustainable volunteering programme at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Volunteer programme is good for business, local officials and tourists - but it does it really benefit Orangutans?

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AfA opposes Chimps smoking cigarettes in China

Thursday 28th November 2019

Hefei Wildlife Park have yet again shown themselves as neglectful as chimps under their care are found smoking and escpaing

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AfA opposes brutal use of live pigs as crash test dummies in China

Thursday 28th November 2019

Our coalition unites to condemn this horrifying practice, and highlights the lack of scientific grounding it has

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AfA urges TripAdvisor to remove cruel canned hunting from it’s site

Tuesday 19th November 2019

The tourism giant continues to profit from animal suffering, in direct contravention of it's own animal welfare policy

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AfA opposes Malaysian TV stations’ endorsement of wild Macaques as pets

Wednesday 13th November 2019

Jamil Kucing is lauded by some as an animal hero - but would his two Macaques agree?

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AfA opposes capture and export of wild macaques, Indonesia

Thursday 7th November 2019

Indonesia could contravene it's own wildlife legislation if it allows wild macaques to be captured for export to USA and China.

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AfA sends letter to oppose dolphin driving in Japan

Friday 25th October 2019

We join forces with expert cetacean NGO's to tell UNESCO why dolphin driving must remain banned in their GeoParks

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AfA sends letter to oppose shocking live burial of Nilgai in India

Thursday 3rd October 2019

Video footage on social media showing a Nilgai being buried alive sparks outrage. AfA appeals to Bihar officials to address the wider issue.

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Gadhimai Festival 2019 – Nepali Supreme Court ruling

Thursday 26th September 2019

Thanks to the tireless work of our member organisations, the Supreme Court of Nepal reaches a verdict to phase out cruel animal sacrifice at the festival

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