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Dear Excellency

I am deeply concerned to hear of the pending mass slaughter of many thousands of animals at the 2014 Gadhimai Festival.  This unregulated slaughter will cause immense animal suffering.

In previous years, eyewitnesses have reported animals suffering a slow and painful death at the hands of inexperienced slaughterers. Acts of such cruelty contribute to the desensitisation of those involved in the slaughter and the viewers to animal violence, regarding animals simply as objects to be used and abused rather than as sentient animals with the ability to feel pain and the capacity to suffer.

The uncontrolled movement of many thousands of animals to this festival also poses a significant health risk through the potential transmission of animal borne diseases. Many of the animals will arrive illegally from across the Indian border effectively bypassing animal quarantine posts.

I respectfully urge you to work in conjunction with the festival organizers to prevent this suffering and to embrace a non-violent alternative.

Yours sincerely

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