May 7, 2013

Good News for macaques in Jakarta - UPDATE!!

On 20th October 2013 the Governor of Jakarta announced an end to the use of macaques in street performances and the confiscation of the dancing macaques from the Jakarta streets. For further details of these announcements click on the links below:

'No masked monkey' campaign to be rolled out

Raid Against Monkey Circus Implemented This Week

Monkey Netted, Rp 1 M Prepared for Its Handler

Thank you all for taking action in support of this campaign which has been led by the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN). Please visit the JAAN website and support their ongoing work to provide a sanctuary for these macaques

Misery of dancing macaques

Monkeys are being chained and forced to dress up and ride toy motorbikes to entertain crowds of tourists across Indonesia. The shocking video below shows how in one of Jakarta’s most crowded slums, the emaciated monkeys are forced to act out human activities as part of a cruel circus show.

Wearing bizarre costumes and dolls masks, the long tailed macaques can be seen riding bikes, rocking horses and scooters while their owners collect money from spectators.

The Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), say the primates are openly sold in monkey parks.

Kept in small cages, they are forced to undergo agonising training regimes to perform stunts at the Masked Monkey Park. Some of the trainers are said to hang the moneys upside down, or strap their arms behind their backs, to force the monkeys to walk upright. The Jakarta Animal Aid Network said that in the first two weeks of training, many of the monkeys die

The Asia for Animals coalition is supporting the JAAN campaign to end this brutality. AfA has written to the Governor of Jakarta calling for a ban on the use of monkeys for entertainment and for the city authorities to work with JAAN to confiscate monkeys from their handlers.


Download attachments:

Call for Action

  • We urge you to do all you can to encourage the Indonesian government to ban the use of monkeys in street performances. 

    Action 1;

    Please click this link to go to the email action page and enter your contact details in the boxes to send an email to 145 Indonesian embassies and consulates around the world.

    If you would prefer to send your own personal message, you can see a sample email below that can be copied. You can download the list of embassies here.

    Action 2:

    JAAN provides a sanctuary for Macaques rescued from this brutal trade. Please visit their website to find out more and to support their work.

  • Sample email:

    Dear Excellency

    I am writing to express my deep concern with regards to the welfare of macaques used for circus performances on the streets of Jakarta.

    Macaques are highly intelligent social animals. The welfare of these performing macaques can be severely compromised by their training, performances, and living conditions.  Macaque owners frequently engage in negative reinforcement, striking them, forcing them to carry out unnatural tricks Many macaques have had their teeth cut back to render them harmless.

    Macaques are often housed in small, barren enclosures. Many of these animals are young macaques taken from the wild and their family groups only to be held in isolation.

    Macaque owners often have little or no training in animal welfare or husbandry and are inadequately equipped to provide these animals with the care they require.

    The use of macaques in such performances also contributes to the desensitisation of society to animal violence. Acts of such cruelty condition viewers, including young children, to regard animals simply as objects to be used and abused for entertainment, rather than as the intelligent animals they are worthy of our respect and care.

    Please ban the use of macaques in performances in Jakarta and support the work of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network to confiscate performing macaques and place them into their care. 


    Yours sincerely,