Dogs and cats are some of the most ubiquitous animals in the world. However, throughout the region they are at risk of inhumane animal management practices, exploitation for entertainment, food and clothing Read More

    Throughout the region, wild animals are often exploited for human entertainment, food and clothing Read More

    Every year, over 60 billion animals (not including farmed fish) are raised and slaughtered for meat, milk and eggs, often under the most inhumane conditions Read More
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The Asia For Animals (AfA) Coalition

The Asia For Animals (AfA) Coalition is composed of 15 well-known and respected animal welfare organisations that have a shared focus on improving the welfare of animals in Asia. We are committed to providing support to organisations to help with their campaigns to tackle some of the most pressing animal welfare concerns in the region.

For more information on the issues covered here, please visit coalition member organization websites using the links below, or get in touch using the contact form here

Conference Programme

Conference Programme (Draft)

Please click on "Workshop" or "Working Group" for the detailed programme of the Workshop or Working Group.

  13th January 2014

0900 – 1700 

Workshop 1
Advertising, Media and Social Media and Effective Campaign Strategies.
- Louis Ng,
(Venus I)

Workshop 2
The Human-Wildlife Interface: Moving From Conflict To Community.
- Karthi Martelli, Full Circle Foundation.
(Venus II)

Workshop 3
Humane Companion Animal Management.  
- Fiona Woodhouse, SPCA HK.
(Venus III)

Workshop 4
Traditional Animal Sacrifices (TAS): A Strategy to Impact Gadhimai 2014
- Arpan Sharma, FIAPO.
(Jupiter III)

14th January 2014

0800 – 0900 Registration.
(Venus Grand Ballroom Foyer)
  Opening Ceremony.
(Venus Grand Ballroom)
0900 – 0920 Arrival of Guest of Honour, Mr. K Shanmugam, Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law.

Lion dance performance.

0920 – 0930 Welcome Speech by ACRES.
- Mr. Louis Ng, ACRES.
0930 – 0945 Opening Speech by Guest of Honour.
- Mr. K Shanmugam, Singapore Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Law.
0945 - 1000 Keynote speech.
1000 – 1100 Tea Break.
(Venus Grand Ballroom Foyer)
  Main Session.

Campaigning for Change.
(Venus Grand Ballroom)

1100 – 1115 Building a Movement of Animal Protection.
- Norma Alvares, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO).
1115 – 1130 Advocating a love for animals.
- Vivian Chiu, SPCA (HK).
1130 – 1145

Total Community Engagement.
- Mark Jeffrey, RSPCA NSW.

1145 – 1200

SOS Campaign 2011-2014: Targeting Illegal Wildlife Trade Through Wildlife Education and Communications Activities for Secondary School Students and Public in General.
- Huyen Do Thi Thanh, Wildlife At Risk (WAR).

 1200 – 1230 Discussions and Q & A. 
1230 – 1330 Lunch.
(Mercury Ballroom)
1330 – 1345 Green India 2020 – A Dream to Reality.
- Dilip Khatau, The Corbett Foundation.
1345 – 1400 New Directions for Animal Welfare – Moving Away from the Five Freedoms.
- Dr. Heather Bacon, University of Edinburgh and Animals Asia.
1400 – 1415 Campaign Strategies to Protest the Captivity of Cetaceans.
- Hyung Joo Lee, Korean Animal Welfare Association.
1415 – 1430 Campaigning Creatively for the Welfare of Zoo Animals.
- Louis Ng, ACRES.
1430 – 1500 Discussions and Q & A.
1500 – 1530 Tea Break.
(Venus Grand Ballroom Foyer)
1530 – 1545 Fashion + Passion = Pashionable.
- Premjitkumar Jonathan Williams, Embark Sri Lanka.
1545 – 1600 No Fur China Campaign.
- Pei F Su, ACTAsia For Animals.
1600 – 1615 LOL (Low-End Lobbying) for Animal Welfare Laws.
- Anna Nieves Cabrera, The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).
1615 – 1630 The HiBEARnate campaign: Stay in to let the bears out!
- Tashi Dorjee, Carbon Conservation.
1630 – 1700 Discussions and Q & A.
1900 – 2200 Welcome Reception.
(Poolside and Mercury Ballroom)

15th January 2014

0900 - 1700
Working Group 1
Animal Testing.
- Troy Seidle,
Humane Society International.
(Venus I)
Working Group 2
Animals in Entertainment.
- David Neale,
Animals Asia.
(Venus II)
Working Group 3

Cetaceans in Captivity.

- Louis Ng,

(Venus III)

Working Group 4

Dog and Cat Meat Trade.

- Lola Webber, Change For Animals Foundation (CFAF).

(Jupiter I)

Working Group 5

Stray Dogs Management.

- Fiona, Woodhouse, SPCA HK.

(Jupiter II)

Working Group 6
Wildlife Trade.
- Iris Ho,
Humane Society International.
(Jupiter III)


16th January 2014

0900 – 1030
Workshop 5
Alternatives to Animal Testing in Education.
- Nick Jukes, InterNICHE.

(Venus I)
Workshop 6
- Kristofer Rogers, SimplyGiving.com.

(Venus II)
Workshop 7
Providing Optimal Veterinary Care.
- Heather Bacon, University of Edinburgh and Animals Asia.

(Venus III)
Workshop 8
Sustainability, strategic planning and the ultimate goal of wild animal rescue centres.
- Richard Moore, International Animal Rescue; Wendi Prameswari, IAR Indonesia Foundation;

(Jupiter III)

Integrated Animal Management: Bear Care in China and Vietnam.

- Nicola Field, Animals Asia

1030-1100 Tea Break.
(Venus Grand Ballroom Foyer)

1100 - 1230

Workshop 9
Building Disaster Resilient Cities in Asia – Protecting Our Companion Animals
- Kevin Vang, WSPA.
(Venus I)

Workshop 10
Joining Together to End Factory Farming: How to Effectively Campaign for Farm Animals in Asia.
- Dr. Chetana Mirle, Humane Society International.
(Venus II)

Farm Animal Welfare in China: Challenges and Prospects.

- Dezhi Yu, Dalian VShine Animal Protection Group.

Using Public Policy to Improve Animal Welfare – the Case of India

- Nuggehalli Jayasimha, Humane Society International: India

Workshop 11
Humane Education.
- Paul Littlefair, RSPCA.
(Venus III)

Making Education Work – Ten Steps.

- David Coggan, Humanebeing Consultancy/RSPCA.

A Pioneer Programme - Caring for Life: Humane Education in China

- Pei F Su, ACTAsia For Animals.

Does Environmental Education Impact the Conservation of the Javan Slow Loris?

- Denise Spaan, Little Fireface Project.

Workshop 12
The Power of Volunteers.
- Kim Chiu Mary-Ann Khoo, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre.
(Jupiter III)

Working With Volunteers

- Nilesh Bhanage, PAWS - Plant & Animals Welfare Society.

1230-1330 Lunch.
(Mercury Ballroom)
  Main Session.

Working Group Presentations.
(Venus Grand Ballroom)
1330 – 1350 Working Group: Animal Testing.
1350 – 1410 Working Group: Animals in Entertainment.
1410 – 1430 Working Group: Cetaceans in Captivity.
1430 – 1500 Discussions and Q & A.
1500 – 1530 Tea Break.
(Venus Grand Ballroom Foyer)
1530 – 1550 Working Group: Dog and Cat Meat Trade.
1550 – 1610 Working Group: Stray Dogs Management.
1610 – 1630 Working Group: Wildlife Trade.
1630 – 1700 Discussions and Q & A.
1900 – 2200

Gala Dinner.
(Venus Grand Ballroom)

17th January 2014

0900 - 1700 Field trips.



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