• Taiji Dolphin Hunt

    Each year from September to May, an estimated 2,000 dolphins are brutally slaughtered in the "dolphin drive hunt" in Taiji, Japan. Fishermen use sound barriers to disorient and herd the frantic pods out of their normal migration paths into hidden lagoons, such as that featured in the Oscar-winning documentary "The Cove". Read More
  • Stop Angora Fur Production

    The Asia For Animals coalition is shocked and saddened to learn of the appalling conditions under which angora rabbits in China are farmed and their fur removed to supply the international demand for angora wool. Read More
  • Zoo trapped in an urban jungle

    AFA is shocked and saddened to learn of the appalling conditions for animals housed at Pata Zoo, Thailand, which is causing the unnecessary suffering of hundreds of animals. Read More
  • Sacrifice at Gadhimai Festival

    Asia for Animals is deeply concerned about the forthcoming Gadhimai Festival due to take place in Nepal in 2014, the festival will see the slaughter of many hundreds of thousands of animals. Read More
  • Good News for macaques in Jakarta - UPDATE!!

    On 20th October 2013 the Governor of Jakarta announced an end to the use of macaques in street performances Read More

The Asia for Animals Coalition

The AfA Coalition is composed of 14 well-known and respected animal welfare organisations that have a shared focus on the welfare of animals in Asia. While we may not be directly involved with a long term campaign on a specific welfare issue, we do provide support to organisations to help with their campaigns and these pages provide you with facts on each issue and information on the organisations you can get in touch with to add your voice in support of their campaigns.

We will also keep you updated on our letters to various authorities and organisations to lobby their support on issues as they come up, and for improvement in animal welfare in general.

Speak out in support of animals. Now you can take direct action for animals in peril by joining our Asia for Animals Action Team! Contact the people with power to effect change directly and have your voice heard in the struggle to improve the lives of animals around the world.